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Name : TRASK, Daniel Robert
a.k.a. Danny, Dan
Case : ON-MM-2011-11-01399
Date Of Disappearance : 03 November 2011
Additional Images
Location Of Disappearance : Temagami, Ontario
Age At Disappearance : 28 years
Height (estimate) : 173 cm (5'8")
Weight (estimate) : 66 kg (145 lbs)
Hair Colour : Brown
- dark brown
Eye Colour : Brown
Gender : Male
Race : Caucasian
Dental Information :
Medical Information :
Notable Identifiers :
Facial hair - clean shaven on the day of his disappearance
- likely to have facial hair if not shaving

Clothing/Jewelry :
Sweatshirt - white zippered 'hoodie'
T-shirt - black with a wolf on the front as pictured below
Footwear - black or grey snowboarding boots, size 9
Other Personal Items :
Wallet - black nylon
Native Wisdom pocket book

Additional Information :
Daniel is believed to have arrived in Temagami on November 3, 2011. His car was located on Red Squirrel Road near Camp Wanapitei at Ferguson Bay.

Dan is very resourceful and comfortable in a natural environment. He is also familiar with Temagami as he spent time in the summer canoeing and portaging extensively through Temagami. While Dan does have some supplies, he does not have communication equipment with him.

Since it is very unusual for Dan to not have contact with family and friends for extended periods of time, Daniel's family has continued to organize searches.

On May 20th, 2012, Daniel's ski jacket and snowboarding/ski pants were located at Diamond Lake which is approximately 47 km (29 Miles) from where his car was located. The articles of clothing were located just before the lift over Lady Evelyn Lake on the north-east side.

On August 12, 2013 Daniel's backpack was located approximately 5 kms southeast of where his winter clothes were recovered. In September 2013, Daniel's work gloves and orange t-shirt were located in his car. These items are no longer considered missing.

In 2014, search activities are planned for the areas on the South-West side of Lady Evelyn between the small unnamed lake and Willow Island Lake.

For further details about areas that have been searched and other shared information, please visit: Ottertooth - Temagami - ALERT - Missing Person.

If any items of interest are located, please do not move or disturb the item(s). Simply take a photograph and note the GPS coordinates. Report this information to police as soon as possible.

Daniel's family has made a number of photos available that were taken by Daniel during his 2011 September visit to Temagami. The photos show some of the "signs" that Daniel is believed to have created and some of the locations that he had visited. Click here to view the photos.

Contact :
Waterloo Police Service - (519) 650-8500 ext 8738


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