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Case : ON-UF-2006-10-00011
Gender : Female
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Date Of Discovery : 27 October 2006
Location Of Discovery : Bowmanville, Ontario
Race : Caucasian
- possibly mixed Aboriginal/Metis/Inuit heritage
Age : 18 - 30
Height (estimate) : Unknown
Weight (estimate) : Unknown
Hair Colour : Unknown
Eye Colour : Unknown
Dental Information :
Teeth - one front tooth slightly wider than the other, visible white fillings on front teeth, small silver fillings in some back teeth

Alignment - prominent upper and lower teeth that stick out, upper teeth stick out more than lower teeth
Medical Information :
Nose - well-healed nasal fracture at mid-point of nose, located where nasal bones end and the soft part of the nose begins

Bones - show changes indicative of anemia
Notable Identifiers :
Jaws - narrow upper and lower jaws from side to side

Clothing/Jewelry :
Shirt - 'Blue Rodeo' brand, multi-coloured stripes including blue, red, yellow and green, hooded shirt

Watch - ladies digital watch with a stainless steel strap, manufactured by the
Omni Watch Company in early 1980s, sold exclusively through Consumer's Distributing between 1981 and 1983

Gold ring - garnet centre stone with diamonds on either side, size 9.5,
women's ring, inside band stamped by 'Burns'
Other Personal Items :

Additional Information :
The remains of this unidentified woman were located near the South Service Road and Holt Road, near the entrance to the Darlington Nuclear Plant.

As a result of being set, her healed nose fracture would not be obvious unless someone who knew her at the time, saw her or if she told someone. Whether the nasal fracture was the result of trauma or rhinoplasty is not known at this time.

A piece of red ribbon was located near the remains as was a small red heart. It is unclear whether these items are related to the remains.


In 2010, police conducted a wider search of the area. Two items were recovered which may be related to the unidentified woman. Found was a ladies ring and the remnants of an unique hooded shirt.

The women's ring was believed to have been sold by Burns Jewelers. Burns Jewelers was a family-run business that operated between 1923 and 1994. The store was located on Simcoe Street in Oshawa. The ring was made by A&A Manufacturing in Toronto.

The men's shirt located nearby was sold through Tip Top Tailors between 1995 and 1996. The 'Blue Rodeo' label was discontinued after a copyright infringement was claimed by the Canadian band of the same name.

As well, police now have a DNA profile of the unidentified woman.

Contact :
Durham Regional Police Service
905-579-1520 Extension 3617


Missing Person and Unidentified Bodies/Remains Unit
Ontario Provincial Police
1-877-9FIND ME (1-877-934-6363)

Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477
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Watch Face

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Blue Rodeo Label

Multi-Colour Shirt

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