Name :

POLLOCK, Brandon Mark

Case : ON-MM-2019-09-01675


Date Of Disappearance : September 10, 2019
Location Of Disappearance : Hamilton, Ontario
Age At Disappearance : 31 years
Height (estimate) : 175 cm (5’9”)
Weight (estimate) : 75 kg (165 lbs)
Hair Colour : Brown
Eye Colour : Brown
Gender : Male
Race : Caucasian
Aliases : Unknown


Dental Information : Unknown
Medical Information : Unknown
Notable Identifiers :

Chin – brown birthmark on right side of chin
Neck – birthmark on right side of neck
Build – medium

Clothing/Jewelry : Unknown
Other Personal Items : Unknown
Additional Information :

On the day of his disappearance, Brandon left his home at approximately 4:00 a.m.  This was Brandon’s usual habit and normally he would return a couple of hours later.  However, when he did not return and did not attend school that day, his family became worried and reported him missing.

Later that day, Brandon was seen swimming in the area of the lift bridge in Lake Ontario by three men on a boat.  At the time, he was about one km off the shoreline, directly in the middle of the boat channel. The men spoke with Brandon to ensure that he was alright.  Brandon assured them that he was fine and sent them on their way.

The three men spoke with Brandon a second time as they were concerned for Brandon and recorded their exchange.  Brandon again confirmed that he was fine.

Later that evening, the men saw a media release indicating that Brandon was missing.  They contacted police and shared the video recording.  Brandon’s family believe that the person on the video was in fact Brandon.

The Hamilton Police Service would like to speak with anyone who may have knowledge of Brandon’s current whereabouts or who may have seen him after his disappearance to confirm his well-being.

Contact :

Hamilton Police Service – 905-546-3843 or 905-540-6477
Additional Details and Contacts

Case Reference : HPS 19731737 – NCMPUR 2019052051
Source Links :

Hamilton Police Service
National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains

Last Modified : November 26, 2019

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