Case :



Gender : Male
Date Of Discovery : July 6, 2021
Location Of Discovery : Niagara Falls, Ontario
Death Interval (estimate) : Unknown
Race : Caucasian
Age : 30 – 64
Height (estimate) : Unknown
Weight (estimate) : Unknown
Hair Colour : Unknown
Eye Colour : Unknown


Dental Information :

Teeth – described as ‘good’

Medical Information : Unknown
Notable Identifiers : Unknown
Clothing/Jewelry :

Shirt – black hoodie, ‘Kryptek  Large’ logo on arm and front
Shirt – t-shirt, grey in colour, ‘ISOCOOL’ brand, wicking fabric
Shirt – t-shirt, white in colour, ‘Lacoste’ brand, size Large

Pants – track pants, black and grey as pictured, ‘RBK’ brand, size Large
Pants – track pants, grey in colour, ‘Nike’ brand, size Large
Shorts – grey, ‘Adidas’ brand, size 32
Shorts – black, ‘Puma’ brand, size 32
Undergarment – blue and green underwear
Footwear – black and red coloured sandals, no size or brand name

Socks – black ankle socks, ‘Performance’ written in blue
Socks – white and black ankle socks, text  “Excellent 9” written in black

Headwear – grey and white baseball cap-style, ‘New Era’ brand, white horse’s head depicting Denver Broncos logo

Other Personal Items :

Backpack – over the shoulder style backpack, blue in colour, ‘K & R’ brand
Currency – $ 0.55 in Canadian currency

Additional Information :

The remains of this unidentified man were located in the area of Morrison Street and Sixth Avenue in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

The articles of clothing listed were found with the remains.  However, no information has been releases as to what the gentleman was wearing when found.

Contact :

Niagara Regional Police Service – 905-688-4111
Additional Details and Contacts

Case Reference : NRPS 2021-71025 – NCMPUR 2021038006
Source Links :

National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains

Last Modified :
November 29, 2021

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