Case :



Gender : Male
Date Of Discovery : July 28, 1995
Location Of Discovery : Regina, Saskatchewan
Death Interval (estimate) : Immediately upon death
Race : Caucasian
Age : 18 – 29
Height (estimate) : 175 cm (5’9”)
Weight (estimate) : 68 kg (150 lbs)
Hair Colour : Brown – medium brown, short
Eye Colour : Blue


Dental Information :

Available for comparison

Medical Information :

Navel – stretch type marks on either side of navel, suggestive of a person who may have been heavy at one time

Notable Identifiers :

Personal hygiene – very good, attention to being clean and neat in his appearance, clean-shaven

Build – medium
Habits – possibly a heavy smoker

Clothing/Jewelry :

Jacket – gold crown logo on left front pocket, black demin
T-shirt – “Boca Authentic” written on front, white

Pants – faded blue jeans

Footwear – ‘Reebok’ brand running/athletic shoes, blue and white, size 12.5 even though his actual foot size is 9 to 10

Socks – white

Other Personal Items :

Knapsack – some clothing and personal items inside
Brooch – some refer to it as ‘The Christmas Rose’ (pictured)

Additional Information :

This unidentified man died instantly after stepping into the path of an eastbound train. According to witnesses, he came from a ditch near a railway crossing at 13th Avenue and Courtney Street in Regina.

Mr. Randy Wakelin, who believed that he had been in the company of the unidentified man in the days prior to his death, provided police with information. According to Mr. Wakelin, he and the unidentified man hitchhiked together from Strathmore, Alberta to Swift Current on July 22nd. They then arrived in Regina on the 24th.

During their travels, Mr. Wakelin described his companion as someone who paid attention to his appearance and preferred to eat with a napkin across his knees, suggesting that the young man probably was not used to a transient lifestyle. During their conversations, Randy Wakelin learned that his traveling companion liked to read Stephen King novels, liked discussing politics, and he had recently broken up with a woman named Kathy. It is believed that he may have been from Ontario or Eastern Canada as he talked about spending time in Ontario and by the ocean.

While traveling together, the unidentified man identified himself as ‘Brian’ but Randy Wakelin did not believe this to be the man’s true name.  The unidentified man may have been in Kamloops, B.C. as he was in possession of a t-shirt from the Padova City Resorts Inc.

After learning that the young man was to be buried with no one to claim his body, Ms Barbara Beck purchased a headstone for his grave.

Contact :

Regina Police Service Cold Case Unit – 306-777-6500
By Email
Additional Details and Contacts

Case Reference : RPS RM95028159 – NCMPUR 2012020652
Source Links :

Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police – Case 1995-28159

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August 12, 2019

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