Case :



Gender : Male
Date Of Discovery : May 20, 1980
Location Of Discovery : Toronto, Ontario
Death Interval (estimate) : Unknown
Race : Caucasian
Age : 60 – 70
Height (estimate) : 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight (estimate) : 59 kg (130 lbs)
Hair Colour : Grey – grey/white
Eye Colour : Blue


Dental Information :

Upper teeth – no upper teeth
Lower teeth – in poor condition
Missing teeth – visibly missing

Medical Information :

Heart – had suffered at least one heart attack in the past
Glasses – brown-rimmed glasses

Notable Identifiers :

Build – thin
Teeth – visibly missing teeth

Clothing/Jewelry : Unknown
Other Personal Items :

Currency – totaling $33.00
Wallet – black

Hospital card – from the Wellesly Hospital
Cheque stub – from Veterans Affairs
Bank book – from Toronto Dominion, balance of $59.91

Lottery ticket – Wintario ticket, number 622899
Eyeglass case – black

Personal documents – numerous documents in the name of ‘Stewart Ferguson’

Additional Information :

This unidentified man entered the New Town Restaurant and ordered a coffee.
At the time, the restaurant was located at 448 Dundas Street East. After ordering his coffee, the man collapsed.

Upon examination of the man’s personal property, police found many documents bearing the name ‘Stewart Ferguson’. However, this was not the unidentified man’s name. Two friends of the real Stewart Ferguson viewed the body and told police that the body was not Mr. Ferguson’s.

Contact :

Ontario Provincial Police – Missing Persons and Unidentified Bodies Unit
Additional Details and Contacts

Case Reference : OPP 20130090 – NCMPUR 2016061959
Source Links :

National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains
Ontario Provincial Police

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January 25, 2021