October 2021

Case Updates

Missing Adults – Additional Photo(s)

Erwyn Cecil Lippett: Case number ON-MM-1995-07-01058.

New Case Additions – Missing Adults

Nikhil Arun: Case number ON-MM-2018-07-01967.
Calvin Roy Brown: Case number ON-MM-2019-05-01973.
Robinson Carasco: Case number ON-MM-2017-08-01968.
Moacir Filo Ferrari: Case number ON-MM-2017-08-01966.
Sharon Rebecca Being Gronfeldt: Case number ON-MF-2018-08-01969.
Anton Katona: Case number ON-MM-2019-11-01972.
Kevin Li: Case number ON-MM-2019-07-01971.
Kidist Mohamed: Case number ON-MF-2019-12-01965.
Balwant Singh: Case number ON-MM-2018-01-01974.
Mark Trizanto: Case number ON-MM-2017-08-01970.

July 26, 2021

The following cases have been updated:
Robert Campbell – Missing since December 2018 – Case Number ON-MM-2018-12-01698
Willard Duval – Missing since December 2017 – Case Number ON-MM-2017-12-01578
Guerman Pouchkine – Missing since February 2018 – Case Number ON-MM-2018-02-01697

Police sketches have been added for an unidentified man found in July 2002. His case is listed as ON-UM-2002-07-00023.

The following cases have been added:
Bridget Dalbe – Missing since August 2019 – Case Number ON-MF-2019-08-01957
Cynderella Allen – Missing since August 2017 – Case Number ON-MF-2017-08-01956