June 2022 Updates

Unidentified Remains Case Additions:

An unidentified male found in Huntsville has been added as Case Number ON-UM-2021-04-00232

Also added is the case of an unidentified man found in Toronto as Case Number ON-UM-2021-09-00233

Case Updates:

We have added an image of Kristen Rhodes to her case file ON-MF-1991-10-01719
We have added an image of Calvin George Simms to her case file ON-MM-1994-02-01351

Missing Person Case Additions:

Kyle Brocklebank has been added as Case Number ON-MM-2022-03-02010
George Leslie has been added as Case Number ON-MM-1998-10-02007
Karl Neff has been added as Case Number ON-MM-2022-01-02009
Krystine Scott has been added as Case Number ON-MF-2021-11-02005

April 2022 Updates

Case Updates:
ON-UM-1989-10-00070 New facial reconstructions added

Unidentified Remains Case Additions:
Male found in Niagara Falls in 1984 has been added as Case ON-UM-1984-09-00231

Missing Person Additions:

Mo Na Hu has been added as Case ON-MF-2021-05-02000
Andrew Moses has been added as Case ON-MM-1960-11-02001
Azim Damani Ramji has been added as Case ON-MM-1983-10-02002
Gaetan Rodier has been added as Case ON-MM-1992-12-02003
Helen Jordan has been added as Case ON-MF-1975-07-02004

April 29, 2021

We have added the following cases:

Luom Van Troung – Missing since November 1992 – Case number ON-MM-1992-11-01858
Senotta Thomas – Missing since August 2003 – Case number ON-MF-2003-08-01857
Tharshini Tharmalingam – Missing since February 1991 – Case number ON-MF-1991-02-01856
Martin Stocker – Missing since March 1991 – Case number ON-MM-1991-03-01855
Elizabeth Shelly – Missing since December 1999 – Case number ON-MF-1999-12-01854
Jessica Sakouhi – Missing since August 1989 – Case number ON-MF-1989-08-01853
Daniel J Richards – Missing since May 2019 – Case number ON-MM-2019-05-01852
Subarangit Rajanehru – Missing since November 1994 – Case number ON-MF-1994-11-01851
Marcelo Javier Onorato – Missing since March 1989 – Case number ON-MM-1989-03-01850
Sumita Narendran – Missing since July 1988 – Case number ON-MF-1988-07-01849
Sidney Joseph Mantee – Missing since March 2020 – Case number ON-MM-2020-03-01847
Michael Ralph Brace – Missing since January 2021 – Case number ON-MM-2021-01-01846