June 2022 Updates

Unidentified Remains Case Additions:

An unidentified male found in Huntsville has been added as Case Number ON-UM-2021-04-00232

Also added is the case of an unidentified man found in Toronto as Case Number ON-UM-2021-09-00233

Case Updates:

We have added an image of Kristen Rhodes to her case file ON-MF-1991-10-01719
We have added an image of Calvin George Simms to her case file ON-MM-1994-02-01351

Missing Person Case Additions:

Kyle Brocklebank has been added as Case Number ON-MM-2022-03-02010
George Leslie has been added as Case Number ON-MM-1998-10-02007
Karl Neff has been added as Case Number ON-MM-2022-01-02009
Krystine Scott has been added as Case Number ON-MF-2021-11-02005

November/December Updates

Case Updates

Missing Adults – Additional Photo(s)

Jason Andre Russell – Case number ON-MM-1997-12-01353.

New Case Additions – Missing Adults

S.M. Asaduzzaman – Case number ON-MM-2019-12-01975.
Mary Margaret Click – Case number ON-MF-1978-06-01976.
Monica Akocua Amemaa Duah – Case number ON-MF-2019-03-01977.
Amber Ellis – Case number ON-MF-2021-02-01978.
Jonathan Daniel Fowler – Case number ON-MM-2019-07-01979.
Rory Ruark Francis – Case number ON-MM-2018-12-01980.
Shauranne Humphry – Case number ON-MF-2019-06-01982.
Ariel Artium Kaplan – Case number ON-MM-2021-08-01983 .
Gary Darren Landry – Case number ON-MM-1996-05-01984.
Irvin Lasinskas – Case number ON-MM-1978-09-01985.
Margarito Perez Hernandez – Case number ON-MM-2001-01-01986.
Maria Fernanda Ruiz Zein – Case number ON-MF-2018-03-01987.
Xinye Wang – Case number ON-MF-2018-09-01989.
Darren J. Werner – Case number ON-MM-2021-09-01990.
Syed Qaman Zaman – Case number ON-MM-2008-05-01991.

New Case Additions – Unidentified person cases

Niagara Falls John Doe – Case number ON-UM-2021-07-00228.
East Guillimbury 2003 John Doe – Case number ON-UM-2003-09-00229 .
St. Catharines 2016 John Doe – Case number ON-UM-2016-11-00230 .